Here at Hazards and Risks we believe that one of the best ways to improve work place health and safety is to ensure that practitioners and workers are educated about the hazards and risks that they are likely to face in their own work places and how those hazards and risks have affected other people just like them in other work places.

Preventing work place deaths and injuries should not be something that is restricted by the boundaries at any level, whether that is a national border, a corporation, or a small employer, we are all in this together, creating a safer work place for one should leave to a safer work place for all.

Hazards and Risks aims to bring you the latest health and safety news alongside informative features and product reviews. Everything that you need to help create a safer work place regardless of where that work place is, the industry in which you operate or the size of your business.


Editorial Policy


Hazards and Risks is provided by Abeceder as part of our commitment to improving the quality of working life for everybody.

To create a quality working environment and culture employers, employees and their respective representatives must be kept informed of the achievements that have been created through the application of recognised good practice and the potential of new ideas and approaches.

In reporting health and safety related news Hazards and Risks aims to represent the views of a cross section of interested parties.

Hazards and Risks welcomes feedback from readers about the content.

It is our aim to reply to every email we receive.

The aim of Hazards and Risks is to achieve totally accurate and impartial reporting. However we recognise that readers may have additional information that may bring to light other aspects of a story Hazards and Risks has covered. Readers are encouraged to share this information with Hazards and Risks.

Any organisation or individual mentioned in a Hazards and Risks story is entitled to an equal prominence right of reply.

Whenever possible web links to additional sources of information on the subject covered in the Hazards and Risks story will be provided.